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APL Running X Renault F1 Sport

Hello again, I am back after another hiatus (I’ve been busy, busy, busy!). This post does not fall under my schedule, simply because 1) it doesn’t fall anywhere 2) needs to be done, pronto. So while it is out of what I usually (aim to) post, I shall do it on a different day (hence, Monday). […]

Formula 1 Fridays – Austin GP, Constructors ..

Oh hey hello! I am back and it’s #Formula1Fridays !!! This might be my favourite thing to post/write about. It’s Austin weekend, which is both good and bad. Good because this is the time the championship gets exciting, which leads to bad – the season is ending and I go back to doing things on […]

the dope show

oh hey, ya! hello! guten tag! hi! I am back, after what seemed to be forever, and do accept my apologies! I’ve had a tough week of being sick with a fever, sore throat and a congested nose – no fun at all! Also, I had problems with the management which made me feel even […]

2016 Formula 1 Grosser Preis Von Deutschland (German GP) [Review]

Ah, race day. The last day before the summer break. Where do I even start? Quick qualifying recap: N. Rosberg on pole, followed by Lewis Hamilton (to lock up the front row), the Red Bulls on the second and the Ferraris on the third. Well, the start. What a start for Nico Rosberg. He blames […]