About Me


Taken at a Treetop Walk @ Valley of the Giants (WA)

Hello / Guten Tag / Ciao! Whether you’re a stranger, a friend, or someone on a stalking spree, welcome to my page! I post some of my creative writings, reviews and opinions here, and life updates when I feel like it, or after I’ve taken a long break off the site.

If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I am Dez, or Dezzy to my (small) circle of friends, or Teddy (if you like my hugs). I enjoy listening to music while lazing on my bed with my pen and journal by my side just in case I need to write something down. Sometimes, I like dancing within the confined 4 walls of my bedroom to grime (Krept & Konan’s new album is sick, btw) or the ol’ S Club 7 tunes. My guitar and bowling ball used to be a big part of my life. Also, a staunch Ferrari F1 and Liverpool FC fan.

So, what are you doing on here? As cheesy as it sounds, to inspire and be inspired. It doesn’t matter who, but if I can help one person not give up through my writings which are often inspired by events around me, then I’m fulfilled. I think all of us, want to inspire others, I try with this blog.

So thank you for reading, hopefully giving you a gist of who I am.

I am human.


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