Slytherin? (Storytime Sundays – it’s Christmas!)

Oh hey! I’m on time, for once, in a long time! I also realise that I’m posting this on Christmas, so Merry Christmas! and Happy Hanukkah if you’re Jewish! 🙂 As you guessed from the title, I talk about being Slytherin, why I belong in Slytherin and a side, where it is not so bad to be in this house afterall! I touch on a few personal, touchy things in my life, which I guessed, helped to mould me into the person I am today, with qualities that are associated with this glorious house. Read away!

“You? In SLYTHERIN? You’re like Hufflepuff!”

“No, you can’t be, maybe if you’re a little crafty”.

Pottermore saw the Slytherin side of me, before anyone else did. To be honest, when I first took the quiz (during the Beta period -2011), I didn’t expect Slytherin. I wanted Gryffindor because of the colour red and I wanted to be in the same house as Ron. I knew I couldn’t be in Ravenclaw, because my wit is nowhere the standard of those in that house. I got Slytherin, I was a bit, confused? I never saw myself in the “evil” house. I thought, I was too accomodating, and quite frankly, peaceful to be in a house that has turned out their fair share of Dark wizards. Also, I was being ridiculed by some of my friends that the quiz was wrong, or worse, I rigged it. I was a little hurt to be accused of such a crime, but now, that I’m a little older, I would have told those ‘friends’ of mine, that quite frankly, I don’t have the brains to rig it – not when the quiz was filled with random ass questions. (sun or moon? left or right? dusk or dawn?).

Ah, how the tables have turned. Over time, I have grown into this house, exhibiting the qualities of those who set foot in these dungeons.

“Or perhaps in Slytherin,

You’ll make your real friends,

Those cunning folk use any means,

To achieve their ends.”

The Sorting Hat (Philosopher’s Stone – I think?)

I’ve always been ambitious, I used to set goals for myself and smash it. Whatever it took, whether it was training more vigorously/frequently, making sure my good seat in the lecture hall was not taken by anyone else, booking more slots with teachers in order to make sure I am on the right path. I think those people that do know me (friends,’friends’,acquaintances,foes) will tell you of the many things I did, shamelessly, to do it. My downfall is being competitive, or maybe, too competitive. I lose friends over it, but honestly, now that I actually do think about it, I don’t regret it, as long as I did achieve what I did in the end. Comment/message me if you think otherwise – especially if you are in Slytherin, do you get overly-competitive too?

I pride myself in being creative; I have a creative mind, I know. I’m able to create something original to get a message across/work done/problem solved. I, have also been told that I am quite the resourceful fellow. This is both, a good and bad thing. Good because, I can adapt and wiggle myself out of hole, bad, because I find myself finding tiny loopholes to get myself out of sticky situations, knowing full well I shouldn’t have done it. Over the years, I have subconsciously honed this ability. So far, I’ve been using it for good and staying clear of trouble.

Now, the very important trait that all people, everyone reminds me time and time again, is that Slytherins are cunning. They are the foulest, the most crafty, and probably, the most Janus-faced people you’ll ever encounter in your life. While I can’t disagree with this, because we all have that dark side in us, and from the books, Rowling has painted most of the Slytherins in this manner, let me explain myself. It can be a good thing, to be cunning. From my own experiences of being bullied, psychologically and cyber, I found that being cunning to such people, to stop the bullying. While being bullied, I craved power. I wanted to be powerful, I wanted to rise above those people (who cowardly, moved in cliques or deviously hid behind post-it papers/protected twitter accounts). I grew more creative, in a crafty way.

I learnt to stand up for myself, quietly and in the ways I knew how to – writing. These include indirect Facebook mentions, ignoring them, and stunning them with clever comebacks. I’ve quite developed selective hearing, but I must say, being cunning isn’t good for the heart. You let it eat you, without realising that you’re allowing it to grow inside. It has gotten in the way with friendships, and familial relationships. Those that did underestimate me, learnt not to, in the cruelest way. I won’t go into details, because it shouldn’t be repeated, or replicated by anyone. And those that bullied me, well, they left me alone, and they’re dead to me. Buried deep in the ground, and never to be seen again. Of course, those that did apologise, are very much alive and still my acquaintances and never more. So yes, while I did grow more and more cunning over the years, I do feel more and more powerful. It’s almost as if I can control who can come in my life and rain on my parade! It makes me feel good. But seriously, it’s good if you can stop people from exploiting you. I guess, the good Slytherins are the same as well – not all of us in green and silver are terrible.

In some sense, I hope I have justified my reasons why I do belong in Slytherin. It’s been 5/6 years since Pottermore had been created, and with all the updates and multiple quizzes, I am still in Slytherin. I am ambitious, creative, resourceful, and I have a dark side, more obvious than those in the other houses. Jee, I hope I didn’t lose anymore friends over this post! If you’re from the Wizarding World, let me know what you think, my comments are always open! To my muggle followers (non-HP fans), I hope this opens some perspective for you!

A few takeaways:

  1. It’s not bad to be in Slytherin, we are creative.
  2. It’s not bad to be cunning, if you use it to stop from being bullied(like me) or exploited.
  3. Don’t bully, because it will come bite you one day and it will be your downfall.
  4. Too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing – always strike a balance!
  5. Don’t underestimate people around you, you don’t know what the future holds, and quite frankly, you don’t know everything.

Lessons for me too! See you soon 🙂



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