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Hello again, I am back after another hiatus (I’ve been busy, busy, busy!). This post does not fall under my schedule, simply because 1) it doesn’t fall anywhere 2) needs to be done, pronto. So while it is out of what I usually (aim to) post, I shall do it on a different day (hence, Monday). While writing this, I want to make it clear that this isn’t a sponsored post, it’s not an ad, if it was you will know about it I promise. These shoes are something that I really love at the moment and while most people still go to Nike/Adidas/Asics etc for their running shoes, these ones are so much more comfortable and long-lasting than my poor tatty Adidas ZX Flux which was bought in this April and within 5 months of use, it now has 3 holes and it looks like my Vans which was bought in 2012. I will first give a background to the company, how I found them and just me talking about how much I love my shoes. If you know the story behind APL, you can read after the first photo. If you wanna know if this shoes are really worth your time, of course it is – but the last paragraph will explain why.

Background – What is APL?

APL stands for Athletic Propulsion Labs, founded by twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston. Reading more about the company, they were the first ever company banned by the NBA as their shoes gave an edge to competitors to literally, jump higher. In one of the YouTube videos I watched, they were told that it would have been an absolute game charger if the Celtics wore them in the finals against the Lakers. Ever since then, the shoes did gain popularity and have gone to launch their running shoes with revolutionary technology. (edit: I just found out that they were on Oprah’s list of favourite things 2016 – how cool is that?!) Anyway, here it is!


APL Running Ascend M (Black/Racing Yellow)

How I Found Them.

As most of you would know, I am a fan of Formula 1 (F1) Racing. While I am still a fan of Ferrari (and have been for the longest time), I am also a follower and interact with the other teams – one of them being Renault Sport. Partly because their Twitter banter is the best, and because they are a promising team, good at what they do and they just keep getting better and better (fight me because they are). So, they posted a photo of their new kicks and I threw my phone into my face and screamed – I knew I really wanted it. Prior to that, I’ve never heard of the brand. I thought about it for awhile, with my Ferrari Pumas falling apart from the lack of consistent use (because 1) it was uncomfortable 2)it wasn’t made of good quality – it was almost as if they took red cloth and slammed a Ferrari logo on it). What if, those shoes are like those? My first thought – I know, how fair to think that. My concern was, that now, sat on my shoe rack were shoes that are 1) falling apart 2) too small and giving me blisters 3) branded and expensive shoes that have holes and stitches coming out. I quickly brushed it aside and proceeded to e-mail customer support about them.

Getting Them

I emailed them and through an exchange of e-mails (Dante – you’re a great lad!), these aren’t available yet on their website but they are available at a shop called Pedders On Scotts in Singapore which was launched during the Singapore GP week and I could go there and get it, pronto. Now, I didn’t get it immediately but I have seen them as I was walking by the mall the shop was in. My, oh my, I know it’s just black and yellow but it was so beautiful. So anyway, long story short – how did I finally get these? For those of you who don’t know, it involved Instagram, 17 hours and my best friend. Finally, I trotted down with that best friend to pick up my brand new shoes. For the longest time, I wanted the all yellow one for it screamed LOOK AT MY SHOES!! but… I really wanted the black one as well.

So I put them both on, snapped a photo and sent it to my aunts, another best friend and tweeted for an opinion. I genuinely could not decide between the two, but I eventually decided on the black/yellow ones because as much as I wanted both, I only really could get one and unless there is an opportunity to win a free pair, I went for the “safer” option. But regardless, I am still very happy that I got 1/2 of the ones I really want.



First Impressions

The first time I actually did hold the shoes, I knew it was going to be a good pair. The material felt so much lighter than my current Adidas, and it felt so comfortable to move in. If you noticed, the tongue isn’t actually a flap that would be squished and eaten up every time you jam your foot into it – so I just needed to pull the yellow tab at the back and my feet slide comfortably in. Another observation, is that it feels like pillows on my feet. It’s really, really soft and it feels like it wraps my whole foot in worth. Yet, it’s durable, it doesn’t make me feel like my feet are pounding the ground and the topline collar doesn’t poke into the back of my ankle while I walk (or go for a jog). Also, there is loads of lacing options which I thought would come in pretty handy if I ever need to lace it in another way if my feet so demanded it. I look at it and go, “wow, they really were thinking of real consumer needs when they did this”. While the Renault ones are the only ones I want to own, looking around the other styles/colours really stood out for me. Haters gonna hate, but they did look unique and beautiful.

Was it worth it? 

Yes, the short answer is, Y E S. I’ve owned many Nikes and Adidas sportswear in my short 19 years (being an athlete and having to keep fit – proper sportswear is essential, especially if you don’t want to injure yourself), but none of them matches the quality that APL has created. It’s a relatively new brand to sportswear, it hasn’t been around for 50 years but, that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best. It’s just as good as the major brands, maybe even better. You don’t have to like the Renault yellow/black ones to appreciate the fact that this brand, is going to (one day) be the best and other start-ups are going to look up to these guys. These guys, manage to strike a balance between looking aesthetically appealing and catering to your feet’s needs.

For the people my age (18-25), I get it, image is everything. You want to be seen in the latest Yeezys, and you want to pay $300 to look good on Instagram, I know – I am (to some extent) one of those as well. APL can do exactly that, you will look good in it, for a much better price and quality you’re going to get. Consider heading down to Pedders (if you’re in Singapore) or ordering online where there is a lot more variety and you can even get accessories. Consider them when you buy your next pair.

For the athletes, these shoes are crafted for you. They are everything you need. It is light like a feather, it’s durable, they give really comfy support when you train and they make you look good. I’m not a basketballer, I don’t know anything about them, but there are many reviews, YouTube videos that vouch for the fact that they are the best shoes for your game. For the other sportspeople, you will not regret getting a pair. I know how important shoes are to prevent sports injuries and most importantly, back pain caused from shoes that do not give you the right support. These shoes gives you just about that. You will find it a lot easier on yourself when you go for a jog, train at the gym or just walking in general. You won’t feel the ground, and you’ll never have to worry about buying another pair in another 6 months.

To Adam & Ryan Goldston, I really cannot express in 140 characters how much I am thankful that you didn’t give up and seized every opportunity to make the shoes that is just, simply the best. I will definitely come back and I will not buy any other pair of shoes other than APL. I am so pleased and in love with these ones, and the quality is, wow. Thank you.

Well that is it for today! I will be back (I promise) with more content and hopefully, the hiatus will stop or at least be less frequent. Goodnight/good morning wherever you are! For now, please enjoy the photo lookbook on the best shoes:



thunder is coming.






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