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oh hey, ya! hello! guten tag! hi! I am back, after what seemed to be forever, and do accept my apologies! I’ve had a tough week of being sick with a fever, sore throat and a congested nose – no fun at all! Also, I had problems with the management which made me feel even more sick than I should be. But nevertheless, I won’t be taking anymore (hopefully) 15-day stints. But while I was sniffling and chugging hot chicken stew while watching re-runs of Suits and Blue Bloods, I was thinking about how to better organise my posts instead of randomly and posting Formula 1 all the time (well, mostly) making me seem very unbalanced, which is not why I started writing on cyber space. The whole purpose of starting this, is sharing my views on books/music/experiences and also posting my written work, which is kept shelved in notebooks/inspirational mindmaps/google docs/thumbdrives. Formula 1 isn’t the only thing that goes on in my life. So, here are the changes!

Writing Wednesdays 

Here, will be the day where I post my creative writing/written works. In my drafts, I have an unpolished book review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (my only HP follower, I see you!) which, I might polish up and post this coming Wednesday. Also, I have tons of other things, like open letters to people I know (and don’t), bad poetry which I never would have dared to share when I was 14, diary entries that I no longer fear of people reading, unfinished stories, third person accounts. The list is endless, you name it, I probably would have written something like that and is on my queue, waiting for the world to see. So yeah, it’s pretty exciting for me and I can’t wait to post on Wednesday woo-hoo! 

Formula 1 Fridays 

Yes, I’m sorry ok I had to. This is for the people who are sick of reading about F1 every time I post. So do note that Fridays will be a no-go for you if you’re not interested! For the F1 fans, well, I’ll be posting my opinions, views, statistics, anything related to the sport. I’m going to make it personal, so it’ll mostly be my views and opinions, my own previews, what I’m going to look forward to if it’s race weekend. I know you’re asking, what are you going to post when it’s all over? Well, there’s so much I can post. I can post throwbacks to races years ago, races that I grew up watching, reviews and opinions on 2017 changes. There’s really so much to write about, and Formula 1 isn’t just 22 races – there is more than what meets the eye. So yes, this is going to be permanent until I have to change it (which is unlikely).

Storytime Sundays 

This originated when I posted a short story on Facebook (and removed it as I wanted to expand it here), and I realised “oh hey storytime sundays can be a thing!”. So over here, it’s going to be even more personal than my other two days. It’s going to be funny/sad/happy/angry/exciting encounters that I had the pleasure of going through. Here, I share a snippet into my life. I know, I’m only 19, I’m a teenager going to be a young adult in a world I haven’t discovered. There are oysters I haven’t opened and choices that I have yet to make, but everyone has a story to tell. Even a 3 year old does, my brother certainly did when he was 3. So yeah, I’ll be happy to hear ideas/comments about this section and if I like it, why not? So hopefully, if a story is shared and it is meant to empower/empathise you, I’ll be happy to know if it did. If you have a similar encounter like mine, holla at the comments and we can laugh/cry together. If you disagree, be considerate/civil in the comments, I delete hate. I’ll be more than happy to interact with you 🙂

So, yeah. That is it, I can’t really go on because I have to go to bed early, I have work tomorrow morning. This new schedule will start this week, which is going to be a good week (I might tell you on one of the Sundays why)! I can’t wait, and thank you for reading all of my babble. If you’ve read all of that, wow you’re amazing, thank you! I’ll see you on Wednesday (for real, honey boo boo). Good morning/good afternoon/good night, wherever you are!


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