2016 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix – My Experience

Ah, finally, after so many days of absence and  days since my last post, I can now sit down and actually write. It’s been a week since the end of F1 in Singapore, and it’s finally settling in, that I was part of something special. I got to play a tiny part, of something so spectacular and grand as the only night race in the Formula 1 calendar – 9 years and counting. It’s been 9 years since the inauguration, and 9 years since being part of history and knowing, gee – this is something special. It was a short 8 days, but it was one of the best. img_1817img_1816img_1815img_1814

These were in the final preparations in the lead-up to Race Week and taken after my team and I shifted to the booth we were assigned to. It rained that day hence the gloomy outlook.


Like I said at the start, it’s been a few days since then, and I’m still not over it yet. Sadly, I didn’t get to watch majority of the race, but I did manage to catch the start, end and of course, the fireworks display. Yes, I saw poor Hulk only last 100 meters and crashed into the wall. I managed to catch snippets of Daniil fending off Max and not letting him overtake (which made me, very pleased). I saw the last lap, and Nico crossing the line. My heart skipped a little when I heard Das Deutschlandlied being played while watching Nico on the podium, euphoric that he finally is back at the top of the championship board.

Another highlight, is seeing Queen perfoming live, breathing the same +65 air as I am. I wasn’t allowed to go in (since I’m wearing one of those working passes and not entitled to be there) so I stayed at the back, but it still brought me to tears. Tears of joy, elated tears – that I got to see one of my favourite bands. My coordinator with me, looked at me and said, “You’re a Queen fan?!”, and I thought my face said it all. I bawled when Freddie Mercury appeared on the screen during Bohemian Rhapsody, I stormed with the rest of the people at the Padang when We Will Rock You came on, and I sang in unison for the rest. I went silent when Brian May did his 10 min solo, and it was the best feeling in the world. It’s a terrible thing, how I can’t tell you how I felt at that moment, when even words like euphoria doesn’t quite cover how I really felt.

What an irony it is, that this is the best thing that has happened to me this year, but yet, I’m finding it hard to piece it altogether, and give my experience the justice it deserves. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by people who didn’t care/weren’t interested in the sport, and simply just went to do the job/get paid during their summer break/give them something to do. I don’t know how their experience was, but mine was special. Just thinking about it, brings a smile to my face, and good thoughts, and motivation to do well and come back for the years to come.

Yes, tomorrow is race day (again)! So, I’ll be posting as well. Hang tight.


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