melting pot.

Time check: 22 52; the air-conditioned has cooled down the house and doesn’t feel like a hot sauna like it usually does, and my tea is hot, but cool enough to take more than a sip at one-go. Must be the milk that I put in (yes, milk goes in my tea). Yes, I am also aware that you did not click on the link to hear me talk about my tea and milk in it. I’m not sure why you clicked my link, but whatever the reason – hi! hello, thank you for reading my babble. It’s a quiet Monday night so far, I ended work at 5.30 in the afternoon after quite an eventful experience mending the fitting room. Whoever said that all you do in retail is fold clothes and attend to shitty customers, nah you’re wrong mate – not in my experience so far. Before F1 resumes this weekend, here are some of my musings of the week.

I am Australia. 

I was in the shower, when I was recalling what I told my work mates earlier. Context: some of those that I chatted with, are either 1) in a relationship 2) engaged 3) married (the 2 former were more common than the latter). I snorted, grunted and chuckled – telling them I can’t find any boy to spend an hour with (& I’m fine with that, btw) let alone a lifetime, and I am very comfortable on my own tiny forever alone island. Back to the shower, I recalled this and it suddenly dawned on me this. For you single pringles who don’t believe in love/don’t want a partner/etc, whatever you’re reason is – you probably can relate to me. For those who can’t, imagine this. You land on an island, there’s nothing but trees and sandy beaches, you’re surrounded by nothing but sea and can’t see anything beyond the horizon. You build a hut for yourself, learn to live life on your tiny island. Sounds familiar? The title give it away. I am an immigrant to the newfoundland, my new home is girt by sea, it’s just me and my boundless plains, not to forget my trees. Thus, I came to the hard childish conclusion, that I AM AUSTRALIA. 

Royal Commonwealth Essay (RCS) 

So basically, my motivation to send my entry in was to give me something to do and get another certificate to add to my collection of accolades and resumé. I wrote on the topic of the refugee crisis, titled ‘Let Them In’. Now, I’m not going to show the entire poem because it’s terrible, unpolished and honestly not my best effort. However, in light of recent Syria airstrikes, I should post it.

Progress, you say.

The world is changing, you say.

We’re moving forward, you say.

Yet, history repeats itself.


Another one bites the dust,

They fall one after the other,

What is this epidemic?

Is it another virus?



War, war is the epidemic.

We’ve been through it before!

There’s WW1,

And then WW2,

We swore we would never go through

It ever again!


We created the United Nations,

And what are they doing?

All I see,

Is men of all nationalities,

Handsome in their suits and shiny shoes,

Bickering like schoolgirls.


All of their resolutions,

All of their meetings,

Boils down to

The same thing

Mentioned before.


The Middle East

Still in a mess,

From the terrors of the Taliban,

To the savages of ISIS,

Innocent lives pay the price.


They run,

They leave home,

In search of hope.

Hope, is what they have,

They have nothing else but hope.


They come educated,

They come skilled,

They come in peace.







No, is the answer.

They need us!

They are like us!

But, no.

The men in white said no.




But, but,

They need help!


What did they do?

Why can’t they stay here?

Even if it’s just for a few years?

Why can’t we help them?


They’ll be a burden!

They’ll take our jobs!

They’ll create trouble!

They are not like us,

They are different.



But they are humans.

We are humans.


They bleed red,

We bleed red.

We’re not different at all.





These are what you want me to have.

So why are we not showing it?


They need us,

They need our help.

They come in peace.

They are humans like us.

Progress, you say.

The world is changing, you say.

We’re moving forward, you say.

If that is true, let them in. 

To summarise what I’ve just written, I am on the #LetThemIn camp. (edit: I welcome constructive comments, if you’re gonna come at me and add nothing productive, please don’t, it’s not nice to put someone down to make yourself better :))

#Throwback Music

Sometimes, I like to laugh at myself. That includes the pointless, and quite frankly unreasonable and irrational reasoning of myself in my much younger self. If you watched me grow up, or the last time you interacted with me was 4 years ago, then you might find this true. I hated a lot of things, irrationally. There is no need for the hate I’ve given to music groups/singers simply because I found it unbearable. Once in awhile, I put on a playlist which YouTube randomly picks music videos and plays it. So yes, 1D/Justin Bieber/Kpop/Nicki Minaj pops up once in a while on a GNR/Pantera/Bon Jovi playlist (it shouldn’t, calm down, I know). Years ago, I would have made a big fuss, blocked every video, tell every pop punk friend I have of this preposterous blasphemous crime, and then go on. Honestly, I can’t be bothered now. It won’t kill me to listen to that cra- (oops) pop music for 3 minutes or so. I like to think, I’ve matured over the years. I’ll do a longer post on this another time, but this will do for now.

Ah, relatively short post – but because I am being chased to bed, I will have to stop here. Thank you for reading this, if you’ve made it this far! Remarkably, I’ll be back this Thursday with a F1 post to celebrate the fact that F1 is back this week! Hope to see you then 🙂 so for the next few days, hang tight!



  1. I love the poem! It’s so meaningful and I agree: Why do we think they’re different when the main thing that makes us, us (our blood) is the same. Well done! XD


    1. thanks! 🙂 Its good to know I’m not the only one who that view

      Liked by 1 person

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