hello again. 

It’s been a month since I actually posted but I’m not going to let this blog die again. So here’s just a quickie until I find something with more substance to write about. 

I’m actually going to start work in 10 days – but I don’t know right now how or where it’s going to be. I’ve been offered an internship I want to accept, but I don’t know the details until later this week, but I have a uniqlo part-time job starting. I really hope I get to know the important details the former before it’s too late and I can’t make a carefully timed response to the latter than I’m not interested anymore. So, worry #1. Also, I don’t plan on telling my family yet until I am absolutely sure of every single nitty gritty detail of the internship. 

I’ve been busy, and worry #2 not enough time for people I love and care about. I find myself getting lazier and avoiding people. I don’t know why, but I have a quota number of friends set (in my mind) about how many people I see and how often I want to see them. Maybe, I should see them more often now since I actually have the time before work starts. I’ve managed to settle back in Singapore for the time being, and I’m getting my (much anticipated) ban.do agenda on Sunday so internally screaming

look how dull yet pretty the landscape is. I was on the bus going towards the train station to meet my brother and I sat at the top deck. I love sitting at the top deck, doing absolutely nothing at all but plugged in to my iPod and deep in philosophical reasoning about life and my mere existence in it. How strange it is that we didn’t get a say in where and what we would be born but our parents can, well because they decided on family. Of course, the religious ones will counter argue with me and say that God made us all and wanted each one of us to go through trials to be made perfect by the time we go. But even then, someone of a higher divinity commanding us lot on Earth. Strange, fascinating indeed. 

See, that wasn’t so hard! 


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