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2016 Formula 1 Grosser Preis Von Deutschland (German GP) [Review]

Ah, race day. The last day before the summer break. Where do I even start? Quick qualifying recap: N. Rosberg on pole, followed by Lewis Hamilton (to lock up the front row), the Red Bulls on the second and the Ferraris on the third. Well, the start. What a start for Nico Rosberg. He blames […]

am I too kind?

Am I too kind? Is there ever a time where someone can be “too kind”? Yeah, it’s a good feeling to be kind and let things slide as there are other things that are worth more than getting angry over the smallest of things. However, there is always a limit. I probably have hit mine. […]

The Evolution of Formula 1

Growing up watching Formula 1

hello again. 

It’s been a month since I actually posted but I’m not going to let this blog die again. So here’s just a quickie until I find something with more substance to write about.  I’m actually going to start work in 10 days – but I don’t know right now how or where it’s going to […]