Here I Go Again 

This is probably the sixth time I’m trying to keep an online diary alive. Well, let’s make this the last time. 

Hi, hello there reader. I may or may not know you, but let me give a quick intro. Some call me Dez, others call me Des, friends call me teddy, but the government and formal emails call me Desiree. I live in Singapore with a good mix of European and Asian heritage in my blood. I’m currently not in school, and I’m on my last week of 11 weeks living in Australia – away from pain, gossip and the hectic life of Singapore. I love planning, but most of my plans don’t go to plan (haha) – so I’ve adopted a more spontaneous approach to my life (with hints of planning). 

I love books, the Harry Potter series was what made me fall in love with creative writing and more generally, reading. I love the smell of books, and I want to collect hardback classic novels to fill my bookshelf. I find it very calming to look at them, and even more so when I read my favourite chapter over and over again. I am a Slytherin with a hint of Gryffindor, though my favourite colour is blue I am in no way near a Ravenclaw, and I’m too devious to be a Hufflepuff. A classic favourite of mine is Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens), as an 18 year old I finally can empathise with Oliver and his hardship. Though my hardship isn’t as bad as lots of other people worse of than me, I feel a connection, a common similarity to Oliver and his plight from the workhouse and into a better life. 

I love music, Guns n’ Roses is my favourite band. I fell in love with the guitar riff of Welcome to the Jungle, then slowly into Sweet Child O’ Mine. I was convinced I would love the album, so I stole my dad’s CD and played it all. Rocket Queen is right at the top. I wanted to play the guitar, so much that I emulated these guitarists with stage names and gave myself one – embarrassing I was. I don’t know where that CD was, and it’s one of my small regrets I didn’t cherish it enough to keep it close to me. 

The All Blacks are my favourite team. They actually win, unlike Liverpool FC (I still love the Kop). I remember how happy I felt when they beat one of the big teams as a child. It’s a pleasant feeling, to feel so proud and happy when they win. I’ll always remember that. The way they made me feel. Naturally, people ask why don’t I support England since I have English resonance. Though they did win the World Cup in 2007, I never felt the way I did when I watched the Men in Black play. Besides, when you have powerhouses like Jerry Collins, Jonah Lomu and the recent addition of Daniel Carter and Richie McCaw to grace the doors of that locker room, you really, really don’t really want to support any other team. 

It’s 02:06 now, and I have to sleep. I shall post my adventures of tomorrow. Excited things happening. 





  1. Woot! It’s always cool to have more potterheads in the blogosphere 🙂


    1. Hi there! Haha yeah it is, I actually am going to write a post on Harry Potter, but I’m going to wait until the special box set of PoA comes out in 26 days 😂 what house are you in?


      1. I’m in Slytherin. And you?


      2. SAME!! #slytherinpride (follow for updates please!! :))


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