trigger warning: loss My love, my dearest. Dear you, You poor thing. How unlucky you are to be bestowed upon me. You were the product of unfortunate events, unravelled by two people that shared no love between. I knew with a heavy heart that you couldn’t be here. It would be most unfair to you. […]

& never will. I’m trying to let go of what was never mine. Like broken glass in my hands, no matter how much I try, there is always a piece, stuck in my skin, every time I look at my hands. every time I try to take it out it bleeds. It hurts; but I […]

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I tell you I’m a fighter but not the fighter you’re looking for. But you come around and tell me no you’re a survivor. But how can I be a survivor, when I spend a good fraction of my day, fighting for the right to have a beautiful life? I can’t be a survivor, because […]

I could sit here and listen to Sinatra, to soothe my soul and think of you. Forgive me, for I tend to imagine little scenarios in my head that often never come true. And forgive me, for you are the best thing that has ever graced my life in a long time and made me […]